Closet Audit: When To Let Go

The Closet Audit is one of my favorite services we offer at Label Content.

One thing I’ve learned in doing a closet audit is that people sometimes have a hard time letting certain items go. There are times when a client and stylist have different thoughts on whether a particular item should stay or go.  Of course, we handle it with a little give and take from both parties.

When one of my most recent clients, a 35-year old career driven professional and a lover of all things sparkly, asked me to tackle her closet, I had no idea the style roadblock I’d run into during her closet audit.

As we examine each item of her clothing and discussed what to keep, we came across a body-con short skirt. It was clear to me that the skirt no longer fit my client’s lifestyle, but for my client, there was an emotional connection. The skirt made her happy and she likes to wear them to parties.

After some discussion, we made a decision together. The sparkly skirt could only stay under these four conditions:

  1. Meaning: If an item has a sentimental value, is worn for a holiday or belong to a deceased family member then it can stay – provided it’s boxed away in your closet and used only for those purposes.
  2. Separation: Since this item is special, it should be included in regular rotation with your other clothes. Find a separate place to keep these items stored.
  3. Revisit: Since these items are out of sight, it can be easy to forget they exist. Ask yourself, “does this item really hold the emotional connection that causes me to keep it in the first place? Your self-response might surprise you!!!
  4. Limit: The number of pieces that fall into the sentimental category. Consider keeping up to 5 items. The goal is to move forward with clearing out your closet space and creating an organized closet aligned with only your favorite items.