Might Need A Stylist This Holiday If…

No matter how close you are to attend the next holiday event, it’s never too late to hire a stylist for special occasion solutions.  Rather suffer the headache of “what to wear” hire a professional to help delegate your style.

Here’s what I can do to help your personal style in detail…

Edit your current wardrobe
Let’s face it; we sometimes have a hard time letting go of styles that no longer serve us. You may feel guilty for letting go an item with tags still attached because you don’t know how to wear or it holds sentimental value. No matter how much you believe you can do this alone, the truth is you lack determination and talent when it comes to effective wardrobe purging.  Here is when I come with a sound argument that the holidays are for you to celebrate and transform.

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Make smart-shopping decisions
My power as your stylist is to keep up with all holiday sales and offers, so you can stay within your wardrobe budget. You’ll be surprised how new items and basics turn into absolute holiday looks. For example, an LBD can get transformed by adding a statement necklace, or a t-shirt paired with a new sequin skirt for the perfect pairing.  I’ve been trained to be in control when you in a panic about the upcoming party you didn’t plan for.

Boost your mood 
It’s year-end and your hectic schedule hasn’t allowed you to feel the holiday spirit. Your grooming is long overdue and you’re avoiding mirrors at all cost. My job is to change you from the workaholic pathetic into a head stopping, look back “who you” night (LOL).  We can laugh; you can get a second opinion on your look (or a first) and an excuse to take a break from your daily duties. Don’t let the holidays get the best of you!

Help gift your friend list
With all the gadgets that exist, finding the perfect gift can be daunting, while your time is limited. Together we identify the profiles of your gift list, their needs and wants.

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Work in last minute outfit demands
Holidays parties are only in part of what you’ll be attending this holiday season. What about the gala, black-tie event or celebrity-packed party? You couldn’t dare be caught in the same bedazzled dress twice.  With access to various showrooms, I can collect dresses that have the right impact. Together we decide whether to dress the night for your personality or a “wow” moment. Think of the holidays as an opportunity to reinvent and radiate confidence.