Shoes You Must Have

It’s that time of year where closet audits are in full effect. What is it with women and our shoes? Recently I found myself collecting all these fancy shoes, but most of them are not as functional (or as comfortable) as they are pretty, so I would stick to my favorites and the rest wind up collecting dust.

Over the weekend, I did some research to figure out what shoes are a must-have and which ones are splurge purchases. Believe it or not, less is more and we don’t need many pairs to remain stylish. I came across an article that gave me perspective on what to keep, toss and purchase going forward.

Not only have these tips saved me money, but also cut down on those mornings when I stare into my closet wondering what to wear—sometimes, the problem is just too many options. Paring the choices down to a “capsule closet”—that is, a collection that has only the best essentials—makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze (and your wallet will thank you, too).

Having less than ten pairs of footwear may sound scary, but I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised by how versatile these options can be. Use the advice of Influencer  Zenna Wadawu of www.finsizewithzs.com to declutter your closet of the shoes you never wear—to make your life so much simpler (without sacrificing an ounce of style).