Ideally, everything about a vacation should refresh and recharge your mind and body. But for those of us concerned with traveling in style and how to pack light, the 20kg limit is a horror. How exactly do we fit a week of clothing in a small carry-on suitcase without having to repeat the same outfit again?

“Interviewing is different now than it has been in the past. You are no longer required to be in a full tailored suit if interviewing for a position in the creative field. Nonetheless, your wardrobe tells a story. Its obvious on paper you can do the job, but how you dress and present yourself can say a great deal about your character, confidence and work ethic.”

“It’s important to learn to build feel- good wardrobe. A wardrobe where every item in your closet makes you feel confident and poise. Clothing communicates and the way you dress says a lot about a person. I believe you should invest in quality essentials that will create a lasting wardrobe.”

“Stylist Nikki Woolfolk looked casual chic, in our “Smile” tank top with a cute black mcm bag, orange Michael Kors sandals and ripped denim shorts from 7forallmankind.”

“My perfect client is a leader in the community, an executive, an entrepreneur who takes care of everyone else but themselves. A professional bad-ass who needs help reflecting success through her wardrobe.”



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