Online Shopping: For Normal Size Women

People are now becoming woke to the fashion industry’s unwillingness to make clothes to fit the body shapes of
women today. Believe it or not, an article from DailyMail.com shows the average woman now wears a size 16. But many clothing designers refuse to produce anything larger than a size 12.  It struck a nerve with me. Maybe its because I’m a personal stylist for everyday real women who have regular meltdowns and confess their concerns on a regular occurrence.

Have you shopped retail for size 16-plus clothing? Based on my experience they’re ignoring the majority of American women and leaving a lot of money on the table. Designers act as if plus-size women don’t exist. The in-store selections are limited which forces me to order online when shopping for a client larger than size 12.

The thought of ordering a bunch of stuff online without trying things on first can give the average person anxiety but you still have better odds than walking into a store only to find they have nothing in your size.

Instead of being frustrated and shifting your entire strategy for buying clothes, follow these online shopping hacks before buying your next wardrobe online.

1. Make A Shopping List 
I can’t stress how important it is to plan what your wardrobe needs. Once you have identified the basics, getting dressed every day becomes so much easier. Here is where my Essentials Wardrobe Checklist comes in handy to help you identify the gaps in your wardrobe that prevent you from looking your best.

2. Know The Deal
That same dress you saw on Monday will have a discount code by Wednesday, just wait! Start your online shopping Wednesday for the best deals. Thursday and Friday are also popular days for retailers to roll out sales.

3. Use Product Filters
Nothing is worse than seeing an item you love only to realize that it is not available in your size. Not only does this method save you major time but the frustration of waiting for the store to restock.

4. Read Community Reviews
If you are unsure of a brand’s fit details, you’re better off checking what others consumers thought. Sometimes users are allowed to upload images of themselves wearing the garment, which will give you a variety of style inspiration to help determine whether the item is what you’re looking for.

5. Stick With Free Shipping
When ordering online, sizing can vary depending on the brand and style. Until you are familiar with what size you wear in a particular brand I recommend buying the same piece in multiple sizes to ensure you get the right fit. Whatever doesn’t work, simply return online or directly to the store. Be sure to read the return policy before making your purchase. You don’t want to get caught with something that you’ll never wear.

If you’re thinking, Nikki “I love your tips, but I dread trips to the mall, online shopping and looking to save time and still look great”.  Let’s chat!

Continue to have a great week and I’ll see you in the next one.