I’m a minimalist – so how do I build my wardrobe?

What’s happening, everyone? Today I want to address a question I received in my DM that says “I’m a minimalist – so how do I build my wardrobe? 

Here are my thoughts, since you asked…

I think of minimalism as the ability to simplify and eliminate the unnecessary, so that what you do find necessary stands out. 

The minimalist look has been trending for some time now and everyone wants to know how to achieve such effortless style.

 My clients are requesting it and it’s all over Pinterest, Instagram, and the blogs. 

Before committing to this basic style ask yourself “why do I like this style”? Do I like it because it looks good on her and it looks good in the picture…so I think it’s going to make me look like her? 


Do you like this style because of its simplicity, the clean lines and how modern it looks? 

Sometimes it looks a certain way because of how the model was photographed or the angle it was shot from… 

This style has to be done right or else it looks as if you are just wearing plain black and white clothes. 

Okay now that’s out of the way, let’s jump right into it:

First off, the minimalist look is often made up of black/white/grey, very basic, not a lot of color or patterns (well maybe a pop of color). The lines and silhouettes of the garments you select are what really make this simple style stand out. You want to look for pieces that have a little something extra.

The beauty of the minimalist look is that you can mix and match things very easily. You don’t need a whole bunch of pieces in your wardrobe to create versatility. 

When you are looking for minimalist pieces don’t just opt for basic t-shirts, tank tops, and jeans, (of course, you need these basics) but I challenge you to seek items that are a bit more striking and that fit well. 

Incorporate fun accessories to take your wardrobe to the next level. For example, adding a hat gives you a totally different look. 

I believe people are so attached to this style because it makes getting dressed a breeze and a lot of the pieces incorporated into this effortless style are timeless and can last forever. 

As far as shoes you want to choose a few, like flats, pumps, and sandals in black, they’ll go with every piece in your collection. 

Brands that are perfect for minimalists: Helmet Lang, Vince, Ero, Zara, Theory (minimalist friendly) Target (Nordstrom, Saks Off Fifth).