I need to up my shoe game! What should I add to complete my wardrobe?

What’s happening Everyone? It’s Nikki Woolfolk, Personal Stylist To Professionals and today I want to address a question I received in my DM that says “I need to up my shoe game! What do I need to add to complete my wardrobe?”

As tempting as it may be to buy all the fancy trends in shoes, we must not forget to include shoe essentials every woman should own. Silhouettes, styles and color schemes change from season to season, but a classicstyled shoe never goes out of style. I’ve narrowed it down to 10 staple shoe styles that every woman needs to up their shoe game.

Shoes Every Woman Should Own:

Ballet Flats

These are a no-brainer for tired feet and running to your next meeting. They’re great paired with pleated skirts, shift dresses and cropped pants on the days when you want to feel polished and look put together but comfortable.

Non-Athletic Sneakers

A basic wardrobe essential worth investing in.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots can be worn year-round and are super comfortable with a walkable heel and neutral hue.

Summer Wedges

Great for Spring and Summer and are easy to walk in. They pair well with your favorite summer dresses and casual shorts.

The Classic Pump

One of my favorite must-have shoes that will never let you down. A pair of classic pumps can surely take you from desk to dinner.

Everyday Sandals

A cool alternative to flip-flops. Opt for a pair with details you’ll be happy to sink your feet into on a daily basis. Something studded or with rhinestone detail can spice up your everyday dress.

Statement Heels

Every girl needs a pair of super sexy, tall statement heels in her closet. Whether you opt for vibrant color, statement prints or sexy details this shoe can be worn with anything to feel instantly sexy.

Riding Boots

Fall, winter, rain and beyond, a pair of tall boots lends protection from the elements in a practical and chic way.

Nude Heels

Nude heels are a no-brainer when it comes to completing evening looks and dressier outfits. Not only are they seasonless, but they’re also the perfect way to elongate the legs.


Loafers are sneakers with a preppy twist. Perfect for the office or during the weekend.