Your Guide to Dry Cleaning

I’m guilty of having a growing corner piled with clothes that you’ve been meaning to take to the cleaners.

Listen up.

Not every garment that says “dry clean only” needs to be professionally washed after every single wear.

Your wallet and time can thank me later.

In fact, most garments can be worn 2-3 times before being tossed in the dirty clothes pile. You can get away with this method by spot treating the stain from lunch that caught your freshly washed and pressed shirt from the cleaners. Keeping a Tide pen or Shout wipes in your purse or wallet is recommended; the quicker you can treat the stain the better. Use your best judgment to determine whether you need to toss it in the dirty clothes hamper after attempting to remove the spot.

Dry cleaning can be expensive, especially if you’re getting only one wear from each garment.

To determine what you should be dry cleaning and how often, I’ve created a dry cleaning checklist
for you to tackle how often you should wash the rest of your laundry.

How much do you normally spend on dry cleaning per week? What methods of spot treatment do you use on your “dry clean” only garments?

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