Getting Dressed After Losing Weight

Last week I received an email from a lady with questions on how to get dressed after losing weight. She described herself as a 38-year-old, 5’4 now 158lbs.  She recently underwent a tummy tuck to remove the extra lbs. around her stomach.

Now that she is at her ideal weight she is ready to start dressing her new body. However, this can pose a challenge when you’ve been shopping at the same “REAL WOMEN” stores forever. She’s is also fashionably challenged when it comes to mixing colors and prints and prefers an adult Garanimals look for ease.  Not to mention she is unemployed and needs to find interview attire.

Congrats, Ms. Lady on your weight loss. It’s going to be exciting/strange for you to shop for new clothes.  Hopefully, I can make it a bit easier for you. Let’s start with where to shop!

Now that you are in this new size, you are also in a new department. Here’s a breakdown of the different departments and what they mean:

Juniors– Clothes in this department are meant for teens and young adults.  Junior sizes run in odd number sizes 1-13 and are meant to fit, well, teenagers. Although you can get some trendy pieces in this department, I would shop with caution because the clothes are made for women without shapes. Get it?

Contemporary– This department is for 20 something’s and early 30-year-old people…or just trendy people in general. The price point goes up a bit in this department but the clothes are meant to fit the bodies of real women. Sizes run from 0-12.

Misses– This department carries more basic, everyday clothes for women who like to look good but are trendy. You will find clothes that fit women in sizes 2-14 who are between the age of 35-50 plus.

Of course, there are other departments like “women’s” (plus size), petite (shorts ladies). I won’t go into great detail about these because you won’t shop those.

For you, I recommend either shopping in the misses or contemporary department – depending on your style.

Now onto part two of your concerns…dressing every day with ease. The easiest way is to go simple. Try a monochromatic look and add color with accessories or a jacket. Go with black pants, a nice black top, and a colorful scarf or boot cut jeans, white top, and blazer. (insert photo)

As for interview attire, get yourself a navy blue pants suit. You can always mix and match the pieces or add a pencil skirt for something fun. Again, going with a darker hue you can never go wrong. (insert photo)

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a few style tips to ensure you are dressing right for your body type (bigger on the top)

  • DO NOT: wear narrow skirts or trousers. This will only accentuate the narrowness of your lower body making you look disproportion and your chest bigger.
  • DO: add a bit of volume to the lower half to create an overall hourglass look.
  • MUST-HAVES: a really good bra…the best you can afford! And A-line skirts that fall below the knee to balance out the larger chest.

Note: If you have (bigger on top) body type, no matter your height (petite, average or tall) all skirts need to fall below the knee for balance.