Clothing Care 101

Our process of going through your wardrobe strategically mixing-and-matching your looks is to save you time, money and stress of thinking what to wear. We also encourage quality versus quantity. Spulged a little on your wardrobe and have it last for years with the proper care. So that I do my part as the expert stylist, I’d like to share some of my favorite garment and shoe care products?

Shoe Cleaning Kit 


Hands down, I have found Jason Markk to be one of the best when it comes to shoe care products. I swear by his shoe cleaning kit, perfect for getting your shoes looking like new.  The kit comes with a wooden brush and solution. To clean you dip the brush in water and apply a liberal amount of solution. Dip brush back in water and scrub shoes, creating foaming action. Wipe clean with a cloth or towel. Repeat as needed and allow to air dry.

Sweater Pills

Forget those pesky balls all on your cashmere and wool sweaters. There are a lot of fancy and pretty expensive shavers out there, but I like to keep it simple with the sweater comb from The Laundress. They have also had great detergents for your delicate fabrics.

Fabric Spot Remover 

The much needed in a pinch spot remover ole tricks come in handy. But some of us just rather use a Tide Pen or  Shout Wipes for those pesky stains. With any stain, it’s best to remove at first sight. You have a better chance at getting the stain out.

Cleaning & Storage Tips

Do not over dry clean! Consider wearing pieces several times before taking a trip to the dry cleaner. Depending on how often you wear suits and blazers you only need to dry clean a couple times a year. If you wear them more frequent like three times a week, dry clean every two months. Use this handy guide to keep from over-drycleaning your clothes.

Wash denim on cold inside out on the gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. cold.

Fold your sweater. Hanging them will only cause the fabric to stretch. This is how we fold sweaters during a closet audit.

How you have the tips and resources to build a wardrobe that last!