5 Closet Audit Misconceptions

As a Closet Audit veteran, I have heard all the excuses. For every sigh, a client gives the mention of a closet audit to five reasons why you should consider. The sound of a closet audit can sound scary and well, not exactly a good time, but my low-pressure Closet Audit is like having an honest girlfriend in your closet that can give you honest feedback about your wardrobe and style.

The majority of clients come to me seeking advice on how to dress with ease every day, no matter the occasion. Whether you’ve worked with a stylist in the past or this is your first time, a Closet Audit is the most efficient step in the process of discovering your style.

Here is a list of questions commonly expressed before a closet audit. If any of the below statements sound like you, let’s chat!

closet audit


“I have purged my closet and recently done a self-audit, I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff.”

Congratulations on taking the first step alone! From experience, there is probably more work to be done. A stylist will help you make a decision about the items you’re unsure of or have not worn in years. You may have even overlooked a few items which your stylist will immediately notice the worn sweater your eyes failed to see because it’s your favorite.

“I don’t have a lot of/or like the clothes in my closet, so I think I can skip the audit and jump right into shopping.”

Not so fast my friend! Although partially true, a Closet Audit is still crucial!!! Here we will discover “why” you do not like the clothes in your closet. What items you currently gravitate to when getting dressed in the morning and what is missing from your current wardrobe that we need to shop for. Having a professional with a keen eye during this process can also give your existing wardrobe new life until you are ready to go shopping.

“My closet is a disaster, I’d be embarrassed to have anyone in it.”

Trust me, I understand! However, what’s the use of cleaning before the actual help arrives? No worries, can you believe I’ve seen worst? Together we can tackle the process together.

“What if I’m left with nothing to wear? My shopping budget isn’t big enough to replace an entire wardrobe.”

You won’t be without clothes to wear. During this process, we identify what items are working now, but once it’s replaced, it should be phased out. Buying an entirely new wardrobe during one shopping trip is not realistic. Together we make a priority list of must-have items that fit your budget and go from there.

“ I definitely want a closet audit, but I’m going to wait to lose 15 pounds”

We have all been here before with “I’ll do it when…” especially as a new year approaches and we are feeling heavier after the holidays. If you are trying to lose a bunch of weight, waiting until you reach your ideal goal isn’t encouraging to your lose. Think about it, you have worked really hard at this new figure, you want to showcase your new frame with new clothes for it continues the encouragement to lose a few more pounds.