During our in-home consultation we’ll carefully go through your current season’s wardrobe. Together we identify what works, what’s not working and what essentials are missing from your current wardrobe.

First, we identify which pieces work for your current body type by measuring where you carry most of your weight. Once we have determined your body type, I’ll provide you proven style tips to help build a wardrobe that is functional, on a budget and in line with your lifestyle.  

As we go through your in-season wardrobe there will be items that just don’t work for where you are in life or you haven’t worn in the past year. Those items will go in a pile to either toss or donate depending on its condition. To save you time, I pack the items we decide to donate and drop them at the center for you.


Next, I will show you how to work the items we keep into your current wardrobe. Together we identify what color trend consists in your wardrobe and teach you how to identify similar palettes when shopping on your own. This will allow you to mix and match to get the most out of your wardrobe.  

Finally, we’ll create complete outfits out of pieces that you already own, including accessories and shoes. 

It’s possible that at the end of this service, you’re not left with much to work with. Consider adding a  Shopping Trip, and have professional with a keen eye help fill the gaps in your wardrobe. My goal is to help you use the style tips you learned during your recent closet audit, keep you within budget and focused on your wardrobe goals.


  • 3-8 complete looks including shoes/accessories.
  • Complimentary 1 week of style support after your Closet Audit is complete

Investment: $449 | Total Service Time: 3 hours

price does not include the price of clothing | additional fee for travel over 30 miles