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Are you wearing the same things all the time? Do you want to be taken more seriously at work? Or need help dressing for your brand?

“I now shop differently based on what I learned from my styling/shopping experience. I have a better eye when looking at clothes and determining whether or not I should purchase. In the past, I would purchase something if it were a good deal even if it I didn’t need it or it didn’t fit properly. Now, I only shop for what works for my closet needs, my size, and my style preferences.” – Candice

If you’re like most professionals, you get tired of wearing the same things to work and realize that you don’t have a wardrobe that suits who you are today.

It’s especially difficult if you hate shopping and find the whole process frustrating because either nothing fits or you can’t find the rightanything in your right size or for your height.  Finding stuff that fits you well is just too tedious of a process.

Does this sound like you? You go shopping, buy an outfit or item you “like”, you get home and realize “this really doesn’t look good on me”. Then you hang it up in your closet with the hopes of one day that it will magically look good on you. Sad to say that day never comes.

I want to help you change the way you think about how you shop – and no it does not need to kill your bank account in the process.

As of a few years ago, I noticed that I was the person that purchased trends, overpriced luxury items, but nothing reflected how I wanted to be perceived as an entrepreneur. It was killing my budget and limiting my wardrobe. So I came up with a few strategies that I’ve now turned into tips to share with you.

So if you’re a professional looking to figure out what clothes or styles work best for you without killing your wallet, you’re in the right place.


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