Hittin’ the gym after work: What to wear? Workout Wardrobe Help

What’s happening, everyone? It’s Nikki Woolfolk Personal Stylist To Professional and today I want to talk hitting the gym after work and what to wear? Think of this as your workout wardrobe help guide. 

Finding something to wear to work is an everyday challenge, long less figuring out what to wear to your next kickboxing class. 

Undoubtedly the gym has become another opportunity to make a fashion statement. No more gym shorts and worn out t-shirts. Activewear has become its own trend as its more about matching 2 piece sets and limited edition collaborations that can take one from meetings to pilates. 

I suggest building a workout wardrobe to ensure you actually look cool during your next workout. A workout capsule wardrobe comes down to a few key pieces: 

Well-fitting leggings.

A few sports bras that give the right amount of support.

Versatile tops and tees that match just about anything.

A good pair of sneakers.

A simple gym bag.

A headband or two.