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Personal Style Makeover is a 3 part in-person session focused on creating a wardrobe that you love. You’ll receive an audit of your current wardrobe, a personal shopping trip, brand new outfits created from your newly purchased, and existing wardrobe, along with a digital lookbook of your new outfits.


The Closet Audit is a (3) hour in-home session where we sort through your items and evaluate what to keep, alter and what gets cut. We identify worthy items for donations, what items need to be repaired and organize your closet by silhouette. We discuss body type, what makes a piece a style worthy investment vs. cheap trends, and how to work your most unique finds into your wardrobe



Based on the feedback I received from your discovery style call, we create complete looks using wardrobe and accessories you already own. You will be surprised at the number of fresh, personalized and unique looks that are hiding in your closet. Along with new outfits, you’ll learn how to creatively mix and integrate seasonal pieces or new ones, when the time comes.



A Seasonal Shopping Trip revisits your shopping list created from your Closet Audit session to determine what items still need purchasing, plus any new items needed for that season.  All you have to do is show up and try on the items selected for you. Once you arrive, grab something lite to eat. I’ll have a few healthy snacks & water – You’ll be trying on a lot! During this time, we will shop for other things you need to add to your seasonal wardrobe.



Are you seeking style solutions that make you feel confident in the message your image is communicating? Whether you often required to make public appearances or want to stand out amongst your colleagues, an Outfit Creation service ensures your outfits are coordinated from head-to-toe. We mix-and-match new pieces with items from your existing wardrobe to create personal styles that are confident, timeless and unique.


Are you seeking a service that puts your style on autopilot? This service is for you. Let us create a personalized lookbook to help you every.single. day look as powerful as your position. We create up to 30 looks that fit your everyday lifestyle.


Who else despise thinking about how to dress for photos? Thinking of what to wear, getting a family of 4+ coordinated and figuring out a creative direction for your next photoshoot can be tough. This service was made for busy moms, entrepreneurs and brands to ensure things run smoothly and stress-free.


Our Event Styling package is designed to help ensure you’ve got the right outfit for the invitation. We’ll begin with a style discovery call where you tell us about the type of event and the image you want to convey. With your occasion in mind, I pre-shop at the local boutiques and department stores for styles and accessories that make you feel confident. Together we decide what works and return what doesn’t. Package includes up to 1-3 looks.