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Popular by demand, during a Personal Style Makeover we break down your current style and rebuild your wardrobe with the right clothing, shoes, and accessories that fit your lifestyle. We teach you which silhouettes work best for your body type to help achieve the changes you want. Here you get a closet audit, wardrobe shopping, outfit creation and a lookbook.


During a closet audit, we weed out clothes that are outdated, worn, don’t fit and no longer work for your lifestyle. We discuss body type, silhouettes, and organize your closet by silhouette and color. We also create a list of recommended wardrobe essentials for you to purchase on your own, along with a few fresh outfit ideas for you to try.


Based on the feedback I received from your style profile, we create complete looks using wardrobe and accessories you already own. You will be surprised at the number of fresh, personalized and unique looks that are hiding in your closet. Along with new outfits, you’ll learn how to creatively mix and integrate seasonal pieces or new ones, when the time comes.


If you hate shopping let us do all the heavy lifting for you. With a list of recommended items and your budget in mind, we pre-shop for you, pulling the best options from retailers that suit you. You have two options – we do all the shopping for you, bring options to your home for you to try and return what does not work. Or, have us provide recommendations – you order, try on and return what doesn’t work. We are here to make the shopping experience work for you with different options tailored to your budget and schedule.


Following a shopping trip, we create complete outfits for all the different areas of your life: work, weekend, or evening. We mix-and-match new pieces with pieces from your existing wardrobe, fully accessorized.


Whether we create outfits from a Shop Your Closet, Shopping Trip, or Outfit Creation appointment, we take detailed photos of each outfit, fully accessorized. We compile these pictures into an easy-to-reference digital Look Book that is accessible right from your smart phone or tablet. This digital closet is broken down into work, weekend, and casual looks so you will never have to wonder, “what to wear?”


Who else despise thinking about how to dress for photos? Thinking of what to wear, getting a family of 4+ coordinated and figuring out a creative direction for your next photoshoot can be tough. This service was made for busy moms, entrepreneurs and brands to ensure things run smoothly and stress-free.


Need to attend a black-tie, wedding, corporate gala, fundraiser, job interview, or other special event and just not sure you’ve got the right outfit? Our Event Styling package is designed to help with expert knowledge of what works in a variety of settings. We will have you looking and feeling confident, and receiving compliments.  We can assist with public speaking engagements, a television appearance, a work cocktail party, and much more.